Monday, March 5, 2012


Welcome to my first ever blog!  I'm not really the blogging type but ever since we bought our first house in July, I've wanted a way to document all the progress we've made on it.  This house was in no way a "fixer upper" but more of a "sprucer upper".

I've wanted to own my own home for a very long time, but I knew it would happen when the time was right.  Ehren and I talked about it a lot... mostly because I brought it up... everyday.  I would say, "When do you think we're going to buy a house?  Isn't it weird to think it's out there somewhere and we don't know which one it will be?  What if we've driven by it before?"

Well, I'm not a very patient person - Ehren will second that.  (My patients at work comment on how patient I am - I always smile and say, "can you tell my husband that?")  Anyway, on a Saturday, we decided that we could buy a house.  I already knew every single house on Hometown Lawrence and knew which house I liked the best and even which realtor I wanted to use (Pam Bushouse).  So, on Tuesday we looked at it, Wednesday we put an offer on it, and Thursday we got it!  By the way, Ehren didn't even look at the house on Tuesday.  Trust is an important part of marriage, right?  But more on that later.

The house had been on the market for about 10 months and there was going to be an open house on Saturday.  My mom said, "well, let's keep looking, there's a lot of houses out there" and I responded with "this is the house I want, I don't want to waste any time looking at others when I know this is what I want".  Thanks to Pam and her speedy work, we got the deal done before the open house!

But the crazy part of this whole deal was not only had we driven by this house before, we had been IN IT before!  The owners (before the owner that sold it to us) are very good friends of ours - Jim, Alison, Katie (Huff) and DerekNye.  Here's how our family connection breaks down...

Alison's dad was my dad's professor at KU
My mom and Jim taught together at South Junior High
Alison was my first grade teacher
My mom was Katie and Derek's 8th grade health teacher
Derek and Ehren met in college and were roommates
Derek was a groomsman in our wedding

And now we live in the house they called home for 20+ years.  Crazy, huh?


  1. That is an interesting inter-family history. I first met Alison (Rowell) Nye about 40 years ago. I was a grad student in the Geology Department at KU. Her father taught me Invertebrate Paleontology. He was an excellent teacher and very popular with the students. Students would occasionally gather at Alison's parents' house for Geology parties. She was a precocious little girl who was not daunted in any way by us grad students who thought we were so cool. I remember her being wise beyond her years as she wise-cracked with us and gave us a hard time. I remember rethinking who the cool one in the room really was. We were very happy that you had her for a first grade teacher. The family tradition of great teachers continues.

  2. This is fun, Jamie! Thanks for sharing! It's so cool knowing that you guys are enjoying that house now!


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