Tuesday, April 3, 2012

living room transformation: part III

Due to the excitement of Kansas basketball, I've been too distracted to focus on writing a blog post.  So, now that the madness is over, it's time to continue on with the living room transformation.  One thing that makes me antsy with decorating is blank spaces on walls where you know a unique picture should hang.  I always like making things myself - it makes it more rewarding to hang the finished product up on the wall.  Plus, I like to think back on what was going on in our lives during each product.  Except for this project - I made it during the KU v. Mizzou game (at Mizzou).  It was a great distraction to keep my mind off the game!

My favorite blog is Young House Love and I saw this project on there.  (Their blog is actually my inspiration for this blog).  I first went to Michael's and found a big frame with a nice, white matte on clearance.

Then, went to the paint store and perused the paint chips.  I picked colors that were going in the living room - charcoal, light grey, white, green, dark teal, navy, black.  I took a pretty large stack so I would have plenty to choose from. 

I cut the name of the paint off as well as the number so they were approximately 1 inch squared.  I'm a really laid back person perfectionist but I knew it would look better if they weren't all perfectly square and straight.  At first, I started planning out where I would put each paint chip, but then that got annoying.  So I just started taping them down as I went, using loops of plain, old Scotch tape.  

I was originally going to go from dark (bottom right) to light (top left) but then I started running out of light colors and had to go back to dark.  I actually think it turned out better that way!

Here it is on the wall against the "Anonymous" (Behr) paint color.  (Which is a medium grey - looks a little taupey-grey here)

Please ignore Cozy's football, the hammer and the bare pillows (to be blogged about later).  You could do this with any assortment of colors to tie in a room.  What do you think?  Pretty cheap project when all you have to buy is the frame.  Happy paint-chipping!


  1. Love this idea! It looks like a wave with a white crest to me. I might just try this as I have a lot of colour cards around (we've just started our house renovation). Really enjoying your blog :)

  2. Very cool, love the frame, too!


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