Sunday, April 8, 2012

living room transformation: part IV

I feel like a big disappointment to my grandma due to the fact that I can't haven't learned how to sew.  I haven't sewed since 7th grade when we made those math book protectors with the nifty little calculator holder on front.  (Southwest Junior High.. whoop whoop!  Go bulldogs.)  My next project for the living room is making no-sew pillow covers - those black couches need some color!  I was too impatient to learn how to sew once I got the fabric.  Actually, the night I started making pillows, I texted my mom (@ 9:00 p.m.) and said, "heyyy, do you want to bring the sewing machine over and teach me how to sew? :)"  Let's just say I went ahead with my "no-sew" project.

When my mom was little, my grandma would drag her and her siblings to fabric stores - my mother hated it.  Maybe that's why she no longer sews?  And when I was little, my mom would drag me to paint stores.  Maybe if I learn to sew someday, I'll drag my kids to fabric AND paint stores.  My grandma is the ultimate perfectionist when it comes to sewing.  She made bridesmaid and candlelighter dresses for my aunt and uncle's wedding, my mom's wedding dress, the flower girl dresses in our wedding, pillows, curtains, patio furniture cushions and even tiny Barbie clothes.  See why I feel like I'm disappointing her?

I previously bought pillow forms of various sizes then went to Hancock fabric.  I found some fabric for 50% off, which was cheaper than when I looked at the fabric the first time.  Here's Ehren posing and looking awkward great with our cheap fabric.  Looks just like my chevron painting above the fireplace, doesn't it?

I also got hem-tape from Wal-Mart at a whopping $0.97.  First step is cutting the fabric about 1-2" bigger than the pillow.  You want it to be a tight fit into the pillow cover.

After you've cut two squares, place the hem tape on the print side of the fabric and outline 3 sides of the pillow shape, then iron it on.  I found that it makes the last two corners much nicer if you bring the hem tape a couple inches in on the 4th side/opening.

Wait until the hem tape cools, then peel it off.  Then place the other square, print side down, on top.  If you're type A like me, you can try and line up the print.  Then iron the two pieces together.

Pretty corners. 
Then turn the pillows inside out and grab a partner to shove the pillow in while you hold the edges of the opening.  While hem tape holds pretty well, it will definitely rip open if you're not careful.  Then close up the opening using the hem tape and iron.  

Repeat for the other pillows and my living room has more color and is finally accessorized!  Here are the final products. 

The bike pillow is from Target.
Dark teal pillow is also from Target.
Also from Target.
All in all, it was about $30 for three pillows (compared to one $50 dollar chevron pillow I found online).  A grand total of $85.00 for six pillows.  Not too bad for my first "sewing" project.  At least I know I can whip up some custom pillows if I continue putting off learning how to sew.  Stay tuned for more projects from "Jamie's Craft Corner"!


  1. YIKES! I'm all excited now! I love what you used and how you made these pillows. Nice work and makes such a difference on your dark couch. :)

  2. Those furniture there are like those at la furniture shop. The authentic styles are gorgeous. I like how Justin styles his home. Very neat and sophisticated.

  3. I like the idea of using the color yellow cloth in making that pillow case. Well, that's my favorite color too. It complemented well with that black sofa. I think I should try doing a living room makeover pretty soon. Anyway, you did a great job in making your living room look cozy and exquisite.


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