Sunday, October 14, 2012

boots with the fur... with the fur?

I'm slightly completely obsessed with our dog, Cozy.  Some make fun of me, saying, "just wait until you have a kid".  As for right now, he is my kid.  I take care of him, feed him, bathe him, play with him, and dress him up as a financial planner, like his dad.

Ehren and I got back from a wedding and instead of putting his clothes in the hamper which he never does like he usually does, he put them on Cozy.  We were doubled over, laughing.  Cozy just took it like a man-dog.  This is his "I don't want to go to work" face.

We laughed almost as hard as we did when this happened:

Those shoes were the best investment we made.  They saved many hours of wiping off his feet after he ran around in the rain, snow, and mud.  After almost a year of use, we needed a new pair... er, couple of pairs.  (We lost a couple and the velcro started failing).  Here he is in his new kicks.

And, yes, they are boots with the fur.  They are better designed and he's less likely to lose them.  Unfortunately they take a little longer to put on.  But one thing that's guaranteed?  Dry, clean feet!

Another thing that's a given with Cozy, and probably most dogs, is that he's always ready for a nap.  If I say, "Cozy, wanna go upstairs and go to bed?", he runs upstairs.  This week I've been a little sick, so of course he obliged when I asked him.  It was perfect napping weather Saturday - rainy and grey.  Except for those beautiful fall leaves that I wish would stay around forever.

I love looking out into our backyard - nothing to look at but green, orange, red and yellow.


  1. love this! my dog would never let me do that to her! To this day her favorite thing to do is chew and shake up her old halloween costume and elf hat for Christmas, I get them out for her to play with every now and then. Its like she is angry at them!

  2. How old is your Pointer? Ours is 16 wks. She is black/white but she looks a lot like Cozy!

    1. He is about a year and a half. Aren't pointers the cutest?!

  3. Oh my goodness. I just cried until I had tears while watching that video...and I'm at work! That's hilarious...and probably exactly what my dog would do!

    1. Ha! You can obviously tell we were laughing pretty hard, too :)

  4. LOL! That video was so hilarious! We have a 10 month old lab mix and I DEFINITELY need to get these booties for her! Your dog is soooo cute!

    I found your blog back when you were featured on YHL. I'm in your neck of the woods over in Overland Park (I think you're in Lawrence?). Anyways, I love what you've done with your place!


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