Saturday, October 6, 2012

saturdays are meant for bacon + fluffy bathrobes

And football, and coffee, and cuddling, and fluffy slippers, and the Today Show.

The Today Show and coffee are my two favorite things in the morning - weekday or weekend.  And I may be a little OCD about the combination.  I have to have my coffee in hand when the "buuum BUUUM bummm... bumbumbumbumbumbumBUMbum" comes on.  I think it's genetic because my mom is the same way.

We had leftover bacon from the clam chowder last night, plus eggs, cheese and English muffins in the fridge.  How can you not make home-made "McMuffins" out of that?

Much more savory and satisfying than our weekday smoothies (even though we enjoy those every morning, too).  

Fall is my favorite time of year - it starts cooling off, you can bring out the baggy, comfy fat pants sweats, football starts, and the leaves change colors.  Last fall, it was exciting to see what colors the trees changed into since it was our first year living here.  I must say, we have a nice combination of oranges and reds.  It's fun to look out at this tree everyday and see it change more and more.  Hurry up and be orange!

It's was also the KU v. K-State game today.  Cozy was watching with his game face on.

Happy Saturday, stay warm!


  1. Eggs and english muffins are literally my favorite food in the world.

    Looks flipping delicious

  2. I was curious where you got your TV stand? So unique! I love your living room, by the way!


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