Friday, October 5, 2012

so, i've decided...

This isn't just a place for home improvement, renovating, re-decorating.  I'm going to start including day-to-day doings around here at the Feldmeyer Farm.  Here is how we've spent our Friday night...

We decided we were going to enjoy this crisp, fall evening by going downtown to Mass street with Cozy and grab some coffee and walk around.  Then, literally, as we were backing out of the garage, my sister called, asking if Cozy we wanted to go to the dog park.  Duh, of course we want to see our fur-child frolic in the wilderness with his cousins, Chalmers and Bruno.

Cozy wins for longest tongue. 
feldmeyer family pic.

One of our favorite things are "stay-at-home dates".  Sweats, wine, good food, music and relaxing is our idea of a good time.  When I plan meals for the week, I like to make our weekend meals something we really look forward to (like pasta and comfort foods) so we are less tempted to go out to eat.  Tonight's menu: clam chowder.

This is my favorite cookbook.  I've made 1/3 of the recipes in this book and have loved all of them.  They are quick and easy recipes but are really tasty too.  This book is literally falling apart, pages coming out, because we've used it so much. 

I think my favorite recipe of all time in this book is the clam chowder recipe.  Talk about a hearty, tasty bowl of soup!  I've made it at least 6 times.  As soon as the weather turned cooler this Fall, I made this.  

And for the first time this year, I said, "it's cold in here".  So we lit our fireplace for the first time since it turned pearly white.  Isn't it beautiful?

And in the mean time, Cozy took his position on the floor, exhausted from frolicking in the woods.  Is there anything better than seeing your fur-child having the time of his life while ignoring you outdoors in the wide open?

This has been a great Friday night for multiple reasons:

  • Got to see my sister, her boyfriend, and their dogs
  • Cozy got his exercise for the week day
  • Date night with Eh.. in sweats.. with my hair on top of my head
  • Lit the fireplace for the first time this season
  • Clam chowder
  • Red wine
  • Jersey Shore


  1. These are the best of times! I love this kind of thing. My favorite nights are when we stay in, cozy and comfy too. Love how inviting your home is!

  2. That chowder looks delicious! Too bad my hubs is allergic to shellfish. :( And your living room looks amazing! cw

  3. I'm glad we're not the only ones who do date night in sweats, at home with fur children! Love the new decision to include all topics going on around your home. Thanks for the cookbook reccomendation, can't wait to go out and buy it!

    1. I highly recommend you get the cookbook.. we plan (almost) all our meals from it. Hope you like it!

  4. Eek. Must know where you got your dog bed :)

    1. I got it through One Kings Lane I think. The brand is Jax & Bones and they have all different patterns!


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