Thursday, January 3, 2013

our Christmas story: in pictures

Like most people, I'm kinda sad the holidays are over.  I look forward to the Christmas season all year long.  I love spending time with family, snow, decorating, eating, sweatpants, presents, Christmas music.  Here's a little of what went on..

First of all, some of our friends designed an app called Shapely and I pretty much love it.  We used it to make our very informal Christmas card that we sent out into Facebook/Twitter land.  You should download it. 

Christmas cookie decorating.

Cozy was eager to open his presents.

Coffee on Christmas morning - seriously, I could not think of a better way to enjoy my coffee.  Especially in my new carafe from my mom and sitting next to this leaf/feather that my sister got us. 

Could it get any cozier than this?

Why yes it can!  Our gift that keeps on giving, Mr. Cozy Feldmeyer.

What a tiring morning for our fur child.

My hubby got me another season to add to my collection.  This is seriously my most favorite television show of all time.  We laugh harder with this show than we do anything else on TV right now.  It's classic.

Then, Cozy started getting nosey and found his gift.

Then he opened it and ate it.  Who says opposible thumbs are necessary?

Ehren says "hi".

Christmas morning biscuits and gravy courtesy of Santa my dad.  Ehren says "cheers".

Cozy and Bruno played in the snow.. even though it looks like Cozy killed Bruno and is planning how to bring home his kill.

The only thing I really asked for, for Christmas, was "a big ass Boos Blocks cutting board".  My dad wrapped a very small cutting board and when I opened it, it said "Is this what you wanted?  Your cutting board is under the West end of your couch".  Sure enough, there was an 18" x 24" cutting board under the couch.  I was perplexed because I didn't notice my dad haul a 20 pound block into the house.  I asked, "how long has that been under there?!"  My dad replied, "oooh, since the 17th".  Yes, my Christmas present had literally been under my ass nose for over a week.  And what is crazy is that Cozy frequently kicks balls under the couch for me to retrieve, and that is also where I store my computer when I'm not using it. 

The boys got rechargeable LED flashlights.  They proceeded spotlight each of us when we talked and made everything a disco party.

We had Christmas dinner at my mom's house.

Nice buns.


Scotch and cigars... and 10 degree weather.

We went to my husband's hometown of Meade, Kansas for the New Year.  It snowed the most beautiful snow - I was in heaven. 

Cozy by the fire.

A friendly game of Mahjong.

Ehren poppin' bottles and looking... very... constipated focused.

Feldmeyer family pic: Me, Cozy, Ehren, Goudy, Seeley, Ava.

And, of course, another one of Cozy "angel face" Feldmeyer.  Here, he is saying, "do we really have to drive 6 hours back to Lawrence?"

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  One of my resolutions is to blog more, how about you?


  1. You let your great photos tell this story. Brillilant! And. Yes I have started posting to my photo blog.

  2. is my photo blog. I am working on giving myself photo exercises this year.

  3. Thanks for mentioning Shapely. Your pictures look amazing! - Chris

  4. Just found your blog and hope to see more great stuff from you this year!

  5. Jamie, I'm the one who lives in Olathe and found your blog via YHL. My friend Tamara grew up in/near Meade, so I checked her FB and she's friends with some Feldmeyers. I love small world stuff.

    Are you going to the Haven Conference in Atlanta, by chance?


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