Sunday, October 27, 2013

baby bump: 10 weeks


How far along:  10 weeks.

Size of baby:  Prune.

Maternity clothes:  I'm really enjoying wearing Ehren's size large shorts even though I don't need to wear them yet.  The less fabric touching me, the better. 

Weight gain:  No clue. 

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep:  It's comforting to talk to other preggos who also take a nap when they get home.  Sometimes I feel guilty for taking naps but when I read that my body is working harder when I'm at rest than it did when I was up walking around before I was pregnant, I'm okay with it.  Growing a baby and a placenta is hard work, and darn it, I deserve to nap!

Exercise:  Too hot.  Too tired.  The few miles I walk at work count, right?

Best moment of the week:  Labor day weekend and an extra day off!  We told my step-brother/sister and their families this weekend and that was fun.  Also, we made an "ultimate to do list" and began nesting this weekend.  Cleaning out closets, cleaning out rooms that have become those rooms where you throw random stuff in there and shut the door and pretend it's not a disaster.  We've got lots to do before March.  I believe "March Madness" will have a whole new meaning to us in 2014.

Movement:  No.

Cravings:  Fruit and soups.  Even though it's 100 degrees out.  

Gender:  Some family members are saying they think it's a girl.  We shall see. 

Belly button in or out:  In

Wedding ring on or off:  On

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Eating too much.  Womp, womp.  Used to be my favorite thing to do but now I get full so fast!  Smaller and more frequent meals for me. 

What I miss:  I would say that I miss sushi but Ehren and I went on a date this weekend and got sushi.  Don't worry, I ate only cooked sushi and it was delightful.  I think I could eat Asian food everyday.  Especially when I'm sitting across from my favorite Ehsian. 

What I am looking forward to:  Telling EVERYONE that we're pregnant.  It's hard to keep it to ourselves.  But I don't want to officially make it official until I see that baby on ultrasound or hear the heart beat and know that everything looks okay.  

What I am not looking forward to:  Shopping for maternity clothes whenever the time comes.  

Labor signs:  No.

Symptoms:  Tired.  Overwhelmingly tired. 

Nursery:  We cleaned it all out!  All that's left in it is the dresser/changing table and couple of my baby books I had when I was a wee one. 

Emotions:  The fatigue makes me feel overwhelmed.  However, Ehren has been so helpful and understanding with everything.  I seriously don't know how I could do this without him.  When we cleaned out the nursery and office this weekend, he was the one to run things down two flights of stairs to put them in storage.  If I had to do that, it would require a nap after each run to the basement.  Moving something into the next room felt like I walked the hills of KU's campus. 

Week in review:

While cleaning out the office, I found my ID badge from when I was a PT student at LMH.  Six years later, I'm still there.  Who knew my first clinical would end up being my first job?

Lots of family cuddle time after a productive three day weekend.  Cozy spoils us with his love.

As much as we LOVE the Jayhawks, we will not be keeping this for the nursery.  This is actually how our friend (who grew up in our house) had his room decorated from the time he was little.  Hopefully that border will come down easily and the red walls can be painted over without any issue.  This room will look COMPLETELY different by the time I'm done with it. 

Someday, I'm sure we're going to say to each other, "remember when we had empty rooms in our house? Yea, that was nice".

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  1. I'm with ya, I love me some Jayhawks, but that That's kinda cool you knew the people who had the house? Must be interesting. Funny reading this on a delay- it's so cold and you are talking about 100 degree heat! Hope your feeling well, your baby pooch is adorable


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