Monday, November 11, 2013

baby bump: 12 weeks

How far along:  12 weeks.

Size of baby:  Plum.

Maternity clothes:  I feel like I'm starting to look a little preggo.  Or fat, depending on if you know I'm pregnant or not. 

Weight gain:  No clue. 

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep:  Sleeping well despite waking up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom. 

Exercise:  I had a day off this week and it was nice and cool out so Cozy and I went on a long walk.  It was great for the both of us.  

Best moment of the week:  Going to my cousin's wedding this weekend.  It was an outside wedding and the weather was perfect.  Plus, I got to see all my family and see my little cousins (5 & 3 years old) tear it up on the dance floor. 

Movement:  No.

Cravings:  I feel like I have food tourettes.. as in I'll be on Facebook or watching TV and I'll randomly shout out, "Oooh, I want macaroni and cheese.  Oh my gosh, I want mozzarella sticks.  I need a pickle!"

Gender:  My uncle thinks it's a boy. 

Belly button in or out:  I didn't think I would be saying this this soon but my belly button has started to stick out after I eat a big meal.  Obviously not like it will when I'm 8 months pregnant but it puffs out a little bit. 

Wedding ring on or off:  On

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Veggies just don't sound very good. 

What I miss:  Not getting tired at 9:00 PM.

What I am looking forward to:  When I'm in the second trimester (next week) and I magically have energy.. I'm hoping it's instant and wonderful, just like everyone's been telling me.  ;)

What I am not looking forward to:  Getting my compression hose next week.  I feel like it may negate the happiness of the second trimester. 

Labor signs:  No.

Symptoms:  Cranky when I'm hungry. 

Nursery:  Still empty.  Sometimes I go in there and just lay down on the floor. 

Emotions: Definitely more excited everyday.  The first couple of months my emotions were pretty up and down, but now they've leveled out and that's comforting.  

Week in review:

Don't ask me how Cozy got his wine bottle to stand up straight.  He's just talented and full of tricks. 

Maybe he likes the smell of our "clean" hot yoga towels.

"Thanks for the arm rest, mom".

He spun around 23 times before laying in the position.  Perfect.

I decided to clean out the hall closet as part of "nest fest 2013".  It needed it.

 Cozy was no help.

We watched some football on the way to my cousin's wedding which was over an hour away.  Don't worry, Ehren kept his eyes on the road.

Sunday morning, we celebrated the wonderful weather and made waffles and ate outside on the deck (which sounded good to me and was my first time making them).

I love this George Foreman grill with interchangeable plates.

We really enjoy sitting out on our front porch swing, especially when it's nice outside, but Cozy always feels left out inside.  We decided to start working with him on staying on the porch, off-leash.  Every time he stepped off the porch, we yelled "No!  Porch" and when he came back on the porch, we gave him a treat.  He caught on quickly and took it very literally as you can see below.  His feet were definitely on the porch but his face was in the mulch.  I love that little GSP brain.

The first trimester is over!  Now where's all my energy.....?

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