Sunday, November 17, 2013

baby bump: 14 weeks


How far along:  14 weeks.

Size of baby:  Lemon.

Maternity clothes:  They have been purchased!  I did some damage at Gap Maternity and I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear all of these clothes even when I'm not pregnant.  Why didn't someone tell me how comfortable (and how flattering) maternity jeans can be?

Weight gain:  No clue.  Maybe a couple pounds?

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep:  I didn't have to take a nap every day this week!  This is monumental.  I was actually a productive human being in the evenings.  As much as I love napping, it was nice to have energy to get stuff done around the house during the week. 

Exercise:  Walking with Cozy and walking at work.  That's enough for me right now. 

Best moment of the week:  Um, definitely hearing the heartbeat for the first time at our appointment on Monday.  It was so surreal.  I really haven't felt pregnant (besides being hungry and tired, which, let's face it was kind of the norm before I was preggers).  I always wondered what my reaction would be when I heard the heartbeat for the first time - I thought I would cry.  Nope, I just started laughing and immediately looked over to Ehren to see his reaction.  He was watching my reaction and grinning from ear to ear.  It was to nice to have evidence that there is a little human being inside and it finally gave us the go ahead to make it public knowledge.  Which was also waaaay exciting.  

Best reactions at work:

"I thought you were starting to fill out a little bit" - from a male, of course
"I had to ask Mandy if you were pregnant or just ate a large pizza"
"Oh, you're not just getting fat?" - a male doctor; I think he was joking... ?
"I can't wait to see you explode" - female

The other best moment of the week was our first "mother/daughters weekend on the Plaza".  My mom and sister and I went to KC Saturday morning, shopped on the Plaza for maternity clothes and whatever else, ate lunch, ate dinner, stayed in a hotel and then ate breakfast.  Can you tell it was kind of based around food?  It was wonderful to have mother/daughter time.  We plan to do it a minimum of 2 times a year. 

Movement:  Nope but hoping to feel something soon.

Cravings:  My appetite is much better now - and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. 

Gender:  There's an old wives tale that if the heart rate is high, then it's a girl.  Ours was 156 which is on the higher end, so maybe girl? 

Belly button in or out:  It puffs out after dinner. 

Wedding ring on or off:  On

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Strong smells at work.  Which happen frequently.

What I miss:  Not having to put on compression hose every morning.  

What I am looking forward to:  Everything.  Everything just seems more exciting and real now that we've heard the heartbeat.  

What I am not looking forward to:  I've started having severe (and I mean 9/10 pain and this is coming from a PT) sacroiliac joint pain.  When you're pregnant, you release chemicals that loosen your joints to prepare for labor.  I have loose joints to begin with so this is to the extreme.  I feel like I have Tourrettes because I will randomly yell out the first cuss word that comes to mind.  I feel like someone suddenly stabs me in the back.  I'm having trouble walking, driving, sitting, standing, bending, lifting, everything.  I'm just praying this doesn't continue the whole pregnancy because ain't nobody got time for that.  Good thing I have excellent resources at work (PTs who specialize in pregos) and have an SI belt coming in the mail (which will literally hold my pelvis together).  Aaaaand I'm done venting. 

Labor signs:  No.

Symptoms:  SI joint pain.  I now have much more sympathy for my patients. 

Nursery:  I got an accessory while we were shopping on the Plaza this weekend.  Eeek!

Emotions:  Fearful of how debilitating this back pain is.  Hoping it won't affect my job as a PT.  Ugh. 

Week in review:

(First of all, this was like the best week ever which explains why there are so many pictures.  I don't hate it.)

To celebrate our doctor's appointment and the healthy heartbeat, we went out to lunch at Merchant's Pub + Plates in downtown Lawrence.  It's a new restaurant that replaced one of our favorite restaurants where we celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, choir concerts, and "just because" occasions.  The weather was perfect and we ate outside. 

Oh, hey there, baby daddy.  I'm sure glad our baby has your chromosomes.

Pregnancy glow or just so pale that light reflects off my face no matter what?

I know pictures of food is kind of annoying but it was soooo good.  Kale Caesar salad, Merchant burger and sweet potato donuts?  The baby was happy.  (By the way, we got the donuts on the house because our food took a while to come out. I would definitely order them again).

We went to "Blue Dandelion" which is a baby/kids store downtown so that we could get our baby fix.  Ehren is pretty excited about baby-wearing and he had to try on this carrier.  Then of course he pulls out his phone, checks the stock market/ESPN and says, "babies are easy". 

Cozy will always be our first child so we had to include him in the baby news.  You can see that he's already missing being the only child.
 I was reading our book for book club "Cutting for Stone" and I just happened to read this paragraph shortly after we put our little announcement on the old Facebook.  Referring to pregnancy, "A woman is never more a woman than in this state".

Friday night we went to the Free State homecoming game with Laura, one of my friends since kindergarten.  She's now a teacher at FS which is still crazy to me.

First baby accessory for the nursery!  Found it at Anthropologie.

My grandpa Mac ran a Skelly station way back in the day and this is still one of my favorite parts of the Plaza.  It always makes me think of him and the stories he had at the filling station.

We went to Pryde's which is an "all things cooking" store.  It was a cluttered heaven.

Anybody need a cake stand?

I had to take a picture of this butcher block because it was from a grocery store on the street where I lived in PT school.  Twenty-sixth and Holmes... probably one of the most dangerous intersections in KC.

Had to stop at Starbs and get a pumpkin spice latte.  Half-caff for me, please.

Parking was limited and hard to find Saturday night but it ended up being a blessing as we had to park on the top of the parking garage and got to see this amazing sunset.

We ate at McCormick & Smick's for dinner and Katie and mom thought it would be hilarious to cheers their wine and laugh in my face.  I had a sip.  It was heavenly.

Had to get the "chocolate bag" which has been voted the best dessert in KC for many years.

Then we ate breakfast at the Classic Cup, also voted best breakfast in KC.  This is me trying to smile through my excruciating back pain.

Now I'm hungry.  Again.  

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