Sunday, November 24, 2013

baby bump: 16 weeks

How far along:  16 weeks.

Size of baby:  Avacado..... mmm, I want some guacamole.

Maternity clothes:  I've officially switched over to maternity shirts!  They are incredible and I will be wearing them post baby. I got these from Gap... in almost every color. 

Weight gain:  Not sure. 

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep:  Sleeping very well.  It definitely has not been an issue for me. 

Exercise:  Still same ol', same ol'.  Walking with Cozy and he thinks it's awesome. 

Best moment of the week:  Feeling movement and kicks!  They are very subtle but they make me perk right up.  Of course my first reaction is "oh, gas" but then I realize that there is a little human inside of me moving around and the light bulb appears over my head.  I can't wait for Ehren to be able to feel it!

Movement:  See above. 

Cravings:  Anything in front of my face and anything you mention.    

Gender:  I redid the Drano gender test and it's saying boy now.  I'm so confused.   

Belly button in or out:  It's out.  And sometimes it gets deformed and looks like an eyelid.  So weird. 

Wedding ring on or off:  On

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I cannot stand the smell of hospital food trays - especially the meatloaf or broccoli.  Ugh. 

What I miss:  Not really much.  I'm really enjoying pregnancy right now, especially since I'm actually starting to look pregnant and feel movement.     

What I am looking forward to:  Feeling more movement and finding out boy or girl!

What I am not looking forward to:  Feeling big and uncomfortable.  Hopefully that's still a ways away. 

Labor signs:  No.

Symptoms:  Work has been busy and I've been really tired when I get home from work.  My hemoglobin was borderline at my last appointment so I'm wondering if I'm going to be needing some iron supplements soon.  

Nursery:  Still pretty empty.  I doubt we will start working on it until after Christmas. 

Emotions:  Can't believe I've completed about 4 months of pregnancy.  Crazy!  It's going by faster than I thought but not fast enough.  The end of March seems sooo far away.  However, there is so much to do before the baby gets here I'm okay with it being so far in the future... for now. 

Week in review:

Cozy is such a nice boy that he shares his bed with his dad.  Much like he shares we share our bed with him.

I came home from work one day and I always ask him where a specific toy is.  In this case, I asked, "Cozy?!  Where's your bone?  Go get your bone!" and I turned around to do something else and then looked back at him and was so confused as to why he was just sitting there looking at me.

And then he looked up towards the mantle.  It was then that I realized Ehren had put his bone on the mantle so he wouldn't chew on it all day or choke on a piece while we were gone.  He's thinking, "Hey, prego brain!  I would get my bone but I can't reach it.  I'll just wait for you to notice."  He is too smart sometimes.

 I'm growing a human yet Ehren Cozy gets all the cuddles.  Rude.

My Christmas list this year so far consists of gift cards to Nebraska Furniture Mart or Home Depot so we can get a deep freeze.  I'm a diva... I know.  (Last year I wanted gift cards to buy a new toilet).  What can I say?  I like big white things that hold shit.  Anyway, I would like to prepare meals for the crockpot and then freeze them.  Ideally, I would like to make a whole bunch while I'm still pregnant so whenever we have this baby, there's less pressure for cooking meals at home.  I get cranky if we don't have meals planned out or if we are scrambling to think of something to eat.  Especially if I'm hungry and tired in the first place... which I hear I will be with a newborn.  So I tried making all the meals for the week on Sunday and then put them in big ziplock bags.

We made butternut squash chowder with kale (it was perfect for fall!)

Cauliflower curry.  It smelled like a fart when it was cooking but it was very good!

And spicy thai chicken stew.  This lasted us three nights and I only used 1/3 of the chicken it called for!

The kitchen was a disaster with a capital D.

But when I realized it was Sunday and I didn't have to cook again until Monday, I was a happy girl.

I also made a new chalkboard drawing for fall and added some decorations I put together from Michael's and TJMaxx.

Oh, and our maple tree decided to be the only tree in the neighborhood to change colors.  It was glowing and this picture doesn't do it justice.

Fall is here and dinner is made for the entire week!  Success.  On to 17 weeks.

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