Monday, November 25, 2013

baby bump: 17 weeks.

How far along:  17 weeks.

Size of baby:  Onion.  Seriously, there is nothing cute about an onion.  Not even a sweet onion. 

Maternity clothes:  Definitely ordered more maternity shirts from Gap.  I could live in them.  

Weight gain:  Not sure.. maybe 5 pounds? 

Stretch marks:  Nope.

Sleep:  Sleep continues to be something I'm good at. 

Exercise:  Not much of that going on.  Work has been very busy and I'm getting enough exercise there lifting humans, going up and down stairs, and walking all the floors of the hospital.   

Best moment of the week:  Feeling more movement.  And feeling comfortable in my prego skin.  

Movement:  Yes, yes, and yes!  So cool!  I can't wait for Ehren to feel. 

Cravings:  Everything.     

Gender:  I still feel like it's a boy.  Most people at work say girl.  Who knows?   

Belly button in or out:  Still out.  

Wedding ring on or off:  On

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Really, all the things that smelled bad before pregnancy are just worse now.  Like trash, old lettuce, other people's urine.  

What I miss:  I'm getting used to wearing compression hose but I miss not having to put them on every morning.  

What I am looking forward to:  Definitely finding out boy or girl. 

What I am not looking forward to:  Work getting harder.  I'm very active during the day and I just hope I can keep it up.  As long as I take it easy during the evenings (which I am AMAZING at) I think I'll be okay. 

Labor signs:  No.

Symptoms:  Feeling pretty darn good.  But definitely feeling more tired lately - I think it's a combination of work, possibly low hemoglobin, and the fact that the baby will pretty much double in size over the next few weeks.  

Nursery:  We got a rug to put in there.  I love it but I'm on the fence.  It's not a very comfortable rug and I feel like I will want it to be plush to play on.  We'll see.  I've got other places in mind for it around the house.  

Emotions:  I'm starting the 5th month of pregnancy but not even halfway there.  Pregnancy is a looong time.  I can understand why women are so ready for the baby to evacuate once they near the due date.  

Week in review:

This is how Cozy feels about Ehren.  

Cozy and I went on a long walk and he was hunting squirrels.

Had to get a picture of hime with the mums.  I hope no one drove by me, I looked pretty ridiculous trying to get my distracted dog to pose with flowers.  He's wearing a Halti which is like a bridle for a dog so that they don't pull so freaking hard.  I looks like a muzzle but it's not.

Cozy was being awfully quiet on the other side of the couch and then all of a sudden I heard a lot of squeaking.  He decided to do his 7th grade frog (toy) dissection on his own terms.  He ripped out the squeaker and now it's his favorite toy.

We went to the KU football game.  We lost but tailgating was fun!  I got wasted!  Okay, not really.  This is my mother, she's rather wonderful.

Our child will have no choice but to be a Jayhawk fan.  Rock Chalk!

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  1. Alex was born at 25 weeks! Remember that?


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